Chaurli is the giant tortoise that lives above Freya's home, as thanks for having saved her, since she was confined to the forests of Midgard, without escaping from the Aesir.     


  • There would be ideas to include a colossal turtle, in the multiplayer mode of God of War: Ascension and would be a boss, with the ability to spit fire, but changed their minds, removing it as planned. Later, the possibility of adding such a species to history, would lead in the fourth installment.
  • Chaurli's name is a reference to Gamespot's article about God of War's E3 2016 reveal, in which they name Atreus Charlie (for some reason).
    • Also, In the making-of videos of Chains of Olympus, there was another boss called "Two-Headed Turtle" a giant tortoise monster with two heads. But it was quickly scrapped boss.


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