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How's it going, Chaurli? Is your witch friend here?"
"What is that name?"
"That's what he told me it was - or what it sounded like in my head anyway. Chaurli!

Atreus and Kratos


Chaurli is the giant tortoise that lives above Freya's home, as thanks for having saved her, since she was confined to the forests of Midgard, without escaping from the Aesir.     


  • There would be ideas to include a colossal turtle, in the multiplayer mode of God of War: Ascension and would be a boss, with the ability to spit fire, but changed their minds, removing it as planned. Later, the possibility of adding such a species to history, would lead in the fourth installment.
  • Chaurli's name is a reference to Gamespot's article about God of War's E3 2016 reveal, in which they name Atreus Charlie (for some reason).
    • Also, In the making-of videos of Chains of Olympus, there was another boss called "Two-Headed Turtle" a giant tortoise monster with two heads, but it was quickly scrapped.