Greek Mythology

Charybdis or Kharybdis was later rationalized as a whirlpool and considered a shipping hazard in the Strait of Messina. In some versions, she is the sister of Scylla and also a sea beast.

God of War: Ascension

In Ascension, Charybdis is a whirlpool where the Furies were born. The whirlpool was created when the blood from Chaos fell into the ocean.


  • The proof of the presence of Charybdis in Ascension is the description of the "Sword of Poseidon", one of the weapons in the Multiplayer, where it reads: "Forged in the swirling chaos of Charybdis, this sword is barbed for maximum destruction".
  • It can be assumed that this maelstrom is where the Furies were born and where occurs the final battle, as we can see a whirlpool in the center and a storm in the background.


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