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Kratos using Charon's Wrath in God of War: Chains of Olympus.

When Kratos battled Charon, the ferryman had the ability to blast green, ravenous flames at the Spartan Warrior, via his golden mask. After Kratos defeated Charon, he took the mask. With it, Kratos could blast clouds of ravenous flames at his enemies, which did relentless damage for a brief period of time, and could also spread to any other enemies nearby. A player could then level up that power to increase the damage it did, and was able to cast multiple blasts of flames at a time.

Orb Costs

  • Level 1 - n/a
  • Level 2 - 3,000 Orbs
  • Level 3 - 7,000 Orbs


Charon's Wrath

Level 1

  • Charon's Wrath - Cast the flames of Charon's pyre that can spread to multiple enemies. R + circle
  • Charon's Wrath (Air) - While airborne, cast flames that can spread to multiple enemies. R + circle

Level 2

  • Increased Damage

Level 3

  • Increased Damage


  • The sound effect and the sprite (including the animation move) depicted that Kratos wielded Charon's Mask like a shotgun.
  • When Kratos wore the Spud of War Costume, Charon's Wrath could be used to score 1000 hits by continuously hitting the Persian King with it. He did not die unless the Quick Time Event was initiated.

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