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Chamber of Sacrifice.

No! Not in that room!

Sacrificed Soldier

The Chamber of Sacrifice can be found at the end of Poseidon's Corridor.

God of War

Above an incline, leading into this chamber, are several cages strung from the roof, each one containing a human being. Pulling a lever releases one of these cages. Kratos must then push the cage holding the human sacrifice up the incline, into the chamber. Placing the cage on a small pressure plate then brings forth two large flame burners to the sides of the cage. Pulling another lever ignites these burners, incinerating the person inside the cage, and opening the passage down into Poseidon's Chamber.


  • In the American version, Kratos burns an innocent human soldier. In the European version, it's an undead warrior, and, when Kratos sees him in the cage, he smiles sadistically.
  • Kratos would have later to push something across a room while being attacked by strong Legionnaires again in the Fire Phoenix Room .

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