Challenge of the Gods is a stage featured in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, and is notably used by Kratos. It is an area standing atop a mountainous temple constructed to guard Pandora's Box, and it is used as an execution ring through which mythical creatures are sent by the Gods of Olympus to kill any madmen and fools seeking glory. The architect who built the temple was not only crazy enough to build it on the back of Kronos the Titan, but the man was also a zealot. He lived only to serve the Gods but went mad trying. The rumor is that he's still alive, still inside, still trying to appease the Gods who abandoned him years ago. At the entrance to the temple is a zombified body burner and in God of War as you can presume from his somewhat disshiveled state, he was the first to attempt the temple and the first to die. The Gods punished him for his failure and now year after year he opens the temple's gate for more and more soldiers and sooner or later the harpies that fly overhead send what's left of them back for him to burn.

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