These are the new challenges that feature in God of War III and will award the Combat Arena upon completion.

The Challenges

Population Control

  • Objective: Don't allow more than 50 enemies to be in the fight arena at the same time.

Bare Hands

  • Objective: Before the time runs out, kill all the enemies without using any weapons.

Get Stoned

  • Objective: Allow the Gorgons to turn you into stone 10 times without dying.

El Matador - Olé

  • Objective: Defeat all enemies, without ever getting gored by a Minotaur or piled on by any enemies.


  • Objective: Score 1000 Points by knocking enemies out of the arena.

Hades' Kids

  • Objective: Get 5 Cyclops to spawn, before time runs out.

Simply Smashing

  • Objective: Destroy all the urns before time runs out.


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