For the God of War location, see The Challenge of Hades

The Challenge of Hades is a series of five difficult tests, or challenges, that one can attempt in God of War: Chains of Olympus. They become available after beating the game for the first time. By completing the challenges, you can unlock a Bonus Costume and bonus videos. This feature of the game is very similar to the Challenge of the Gods in God of War and the Challenge of the Titans in God of War II.


  1. Fiery Fate - Kratos must kill a total of 50 Persian Warriors with the Efreet power. Cyclops will also appear, but killing them won't affect anything. There's no time limit. Kratos will automatically lose the challenge if he kills any of the soldiers in any way other than the Efreet or if the Cyclops does so.
  2. Perfection - Kratos must kill a total of 20 Fire Guards without taking a single hit from any of them. There's no time limit.
  3. Life is Short - Kratos is bleeding out fast and must kill all who come at him before his vitality is lost. There's no time limit, other than the time it takes for Kratos to be killed by blood loss.
  4. Crunch Time - Kratos must smash/destroy all of the objects in the room before time runs out (you have 60 seconds).
  5. Epic Brawl - Kratos must kill all of the enemies. There's no time limit, and no other restrictions.


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