The Challenges of Exile is a God of War III downloadable challenge set that previously came with the Ultimate or Trilogy Edition of the game, along with the Dominus costume. Both the challenge set, and the costume, were made available for purchase on both the European and North-American PSN on November 3rd, 2010, and is packaged with the God of War III Remastered edition.

The Challenges

  • Old Birds: Kill 15 crows without hitting the ground before time runs out. Grab (L1+O) followed by spinning attack (L1+Square); Repeat without touching the ground.
  • Switch Blade: Kill all enemies. Every 30 seconds, Kratos' weapon is changed. 120 sec: Use Triangle 3x ; 90 sec: Use L1+Square followed by Triangle repeatedly in mid-air; 60 sec: Use Square, Square, Triangle followed by L1+Triangle when up close; 30 sec: Group them together and use Triangle 2x.
  • Pandora on Fire: Keep Pandora's cage from entering the flame. Killing enemies raises the flame. Use Nemean Cestus (Square 3x), Helios Head (L2+Triangle) to stun on groups of enemies and Rage of Sparta attack (Triangle 3x) to defeat 1st Cyclops.
  • Hands Off: Kill all the Hades' Hands. Move in clockwise direction using L1+Square.
  • Use Protection: Break all the shields without killing any enemies. Hit shields 1-2 times on 3-man groups and repeat. Hit 1-2 times on weak shields while avoiding those without.
  • Hades' Kids 2: Get 5 Chimera to spawn on-screen. Use Triangle 3x to stun and grab. Repeat. Once you have 3 defeated, turn one into its last form (the goat) and focus on the one that spawned on the bottom of the screen.


  • The Fear Itself challenge might be a Zelda II easter egg because the final boss in that game is a "dark" version of Link, much like Fear Kratos.


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