CHallenge 10

Challenge 10

This is the tenth and final Challenge of the Gods. Kratos starts on a small lower platform, and he must reach the larger platform that is high above. The whole time, Kratos is assaulted by Satyrs and Cerberus Seeds. There is no time limit, but the platform will only rise when Kratos fights the enemies, and if he doesn't fight the enemies, or if he hangs from the platform, it'll descend. The best strategy is to continually throw the Cerberi pups using the grab button, while avoiding the Satyrs if possible or jumping with L1+X combo to kick the Satyrs into the air, its best to hit both, and then once in the air press L1+O to smash to the ground and kick the Satyrs out of the platform too, because they will be unable to block. Another way to complete the challenge easier is by pressing L1 to block every attack, as timing it right will slow things down and pressing the square soon afterwards will make Kratos preform the last sweeping attack of his square combo, knocking out nearly all the enemies on the platform. Its also best to save the Rage of the Gods for this challenge. When the upper platform is close enough, Kratos should jump up to it and climb up onto it to complete the challenge.


  • The platform only rises when Kratos fights enemies, and it lowers when he doesn't. In fact the platform rises a little when Kratos kill any enemy and lowers if he hangs from the platform.

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