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The Chain of Balance in God of War III.

On the Great Chain, the Heart of the Labyrinth hangs in balance between Hades and Olympus. If one side loses its grasp, the power in the Labyrinth will rise or fall accordingly, the balance forever shifted. And as always, man will be caught in the wake.


The Chain of Balance was a huge chain that stretched from the Underworld to Mount Olympus. It was secured upon the latter by Onyx bases.

God of War III

The Chain of Balance connected the Underworld and Mount Olympus to each other, which created (as the name suggested) a balance between both worlds. Destroying the chain meant cataclysmic changes for both worlds, which possibly disrupted their climates, if not their future existence. The Chain was held by The Three Judges, who were tasked with holding it in place. The Chain was lifted partially when Kratos was subjected in the Trials of Erebus, which exposed the Onyx that locked them in Hades' Realm.

After he freed Pandora from the Labyrinth, Kratos descended once again into the Underworld. Using the Nemean Cestus, Kratos destroyed all three Judges, which caused them to release their grasp upon the Chain. After he defeated the Judges, Kratos used the Cestus to ultimately shatter the chain, which raised the Labyrinth and undid the balance of power within Olympus.


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