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Ceryx is a character and final boss Kratos faces in Betrayal. He is the son of Hermes and a messenger of Olympus, who Zeus sent to stop Kratos' attempts to discover the truth behind the assassination of Argos.

Greek Mythology

Ceryx ("Herald") was the son of Hermes and either Pandrosus or Herse. Like his father, he too was a messenger of the gods.

He was also the ancestor of the Kerukes, a family of priests who lived in the city of Athens

In God of War: Betrayal


Ceryx uses his staff against Kratos

Ceryx was the son of the god Hermes, and was a messenger of Olympus. After watching Kratos’ activities as the new god of war, the gods sent Ceryx as a persuader to stop him. Kratos had been leading his Spartan companions into destroying many Greek city-states and was then framed for killing Hera's pet Argos.

Kratos refused to listen to Ceryx, who demanded Kratos to stop his pursuit of an assassin who killed Argos. After attacking and defeating Ceryx, Kratos realized that Olympus would never accept him and that this was only the beginning of the conflict he would soon have to face with the gods of Olympus.

It is likely that his death in the hands of Kratos that cause his father Hermes to have an intense hatred for Kratos.

Powers and Abilities

Ceryx is no warrior, but still has some powers to harm his enemies. He relies on the deadly three-headed Cerberi he summons, but also attacks Kratos using his staff and creates a field of thunder around himself. Being a god, he is very resistant to damage, but nevertheless ultimately dies.

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