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You think the god of the sun would ever let his champion burn?


Cereyon, along with Kratos and Alrik, was one of the human pawns used in the gods' wager to see who's chosen warrior would find the Ambrosia first. His first and only appearance was in the God of War Comics fourth issue. His name was unrevealed until the final issue, while Kratos was fighting Gyges.

God of War Comics

When the Barbarians caught wind of Kratos' plans to utilize the Ambrosia to heal his daughter, they planned to kill him, but upon seeing Cereyon riding toward the Spartan, Alrik told his men to stand down, planning to wait for the Spartan's demise at the hands of the champion.

Just as Kratos was about to capture the Ambrosia, Cereyon appeared out of nowhere, attempting to burn Kratos with his powers. After a great battle which destroyed much of the environment, Kratos finally defeated Cereyon by tackling him into a stream below, thus extinguishing his fire-based powers, subsequently drowning him. Kratos did suffer burn wounds from the initial tackle, but had previously acquired the Ambrosia, successfully reversing them.


While all other combatants in the wager made their motives for finding the Ambrosia clear, Cereyon did not, only revealing he was chosen by Helios. This could suggest Helios having direct contact with Cereyon, as the others had no idea of the god's involvement in their journey.

Cereyon is the only chosen warrior to possess supernatural powers, and sporting similar features to Helios himself.


Whilst battling Kratos, Cereyon has shown the ability to throw fire balls, cause spontaneous combustion on items, radiate blinding light, and cover his flesh with ember and flames. On top of this, he appears to be able to produce a deafening pitch, which incapacitates Kratos due to its high tones.