Cerberus Puppy

Cerberus Seeds are tiny, puppy-like demonic dogs that appear as enemies in God of War and God of War II.

Despite sometimes appearing by their own, they are usually "vomited" by Cerberi Breeder, to aid them in battle. They can attack Kratos by curling themselves into a flaming ball and jumping on Kratos, hitting him; or by biting him with their teeth. Individually weak, they often overpower Kratos as part of a group attack.

If they aren't killed in a certain time, they will rapidly mature into a full grown Cerberus Breeder (which can also create more Seeds).

Kratos can damage them at any moment (in their "puppy" state) by grabbing them, and throwing them to the ground, making them bounce. Then, after five or six grabs, he can strongly stomp on their head, killing them.

Cerberus Seeds first appear in the Challenge of Poseidon, and then in the Architect's Tomb. In the second game, they are only encountered once in the Palace of the Fates, where they are regurgitated by some Cerberi Breeder that attack Kratos in the Arena of the Damned.


  • In its infantile state, the Cerberus Pup has only one head. When it grows into its adult form, the number of heads multiplies to three.
  • In God of War, killing a pup using the finishing move will give Kratos some Green Orbs.
  • In God of War II, holding the O button while executing a "Orion's Harpoon" on the pups, will make Kratos swing them away, and throw them to an aimed enemy, thereby killing the dog, and damaging the enemy. This can be used as an strategy to fight them, especially in Titan Mode, where collision damage done on enemies increases considerably.
  • Also in God of War II, although they never appear by their own, can be selected as an enemy to fight in the Arena of the Fates...for some reason the cerberus seed never grow up to a Cerberus Breeder in the Arena of the Fates.


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