Cerberus Breeder

A Cerberus Breeder

A Cerberus Breeder is a giant, greenish-colored three-headed dog that appears in both God of War and God of War II. It attacks Kratos by leaping at him or spitting fireballs at him. The beast can also "vomit" up Cerberus Seeds, which can grow into more Cerberus Breeders if Kratos doesn't kill them right away. In God of War, Kratos encounters these beasts in Pandora's Temple. In God of War II, he encounters them exactly once in the Arena of the Damned. Kratos can damage the beast by leaping up onto its central head, and striking it. After inflicting enough damage, he can kill it by impaling its central head with both his blades.


  • The "normal" Cerberi from God of War: Betrayal look and act exactly like the Breeders, minus their ability to multiply.

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