Kratos in the Caverns of Olympus in God of War III.

In God of War III, the Caverns of Olympus were located in the center of Mount Olympus, where the inactive Labyrinth could be found, and Pandora was held at the heart of the caverns. When Kratos made it to the end of the Path of Eos, he jumped into the Icarus Vent which lead to the Caverns and the Labyrinth above. In the Caverns, Kratos found a way to activate the Labyrinth in order to get to Pandora. That was also Daedalus' Prison in his own creation that Zeus demanded him to build to in order contain the Key to the Flame of Olympus. The Caverns were the homes of Skorpius and her brood. Another entrance to the Caverns could be found when Kratos crossed the chasm after the Olympus' Garden.


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