A catapult

A catapult was a large weapon designed to hurl giant objects at enemy fortresses.


It was first used by the Macedonians under Phillip II, and later by his son, Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC. The Romans had their own version called the Onager, which they used for besieging fortified towns that resisted Roman authority. In the later half of Antiquity, the Eastern Roman Empire, or the Byzantines used it for the same purpose. It was reintroduced to the west during The First Crusade. At the Siege of Antioch, a catapult was used to harass the Turkish defenders. Afterwards the catapult was used throughout Medieval Europe during the 13th and 14th centuries. The catapult was eventually put out of use with the arrival of gunpowder used for cannons.

God of War Series

God of War: Ascension

On the Walls of Troy, one of the maps of Multiplayer, a catapult is used as a divine intervention by Spartans and Trojans to damage the Trojan Horse, which belongs to the Spartans, and the Statue of Apollo, which belongs to the Trojans. Spartans use the catapult to attack the Statue, and Trojans use it to attack the Horse. After taking too much damage, one of these will be completely destroyed and the catapult will become useless for both teams.

God of War III

During the chase between Hermes and Kratos, Hermes ran across a rope to taunt Kratos from a massive statue of Athena. In order to reach his target, Kratos activated a nearby catapult, which, as Kratos latched onto it, propelled a massive boulder. The boulder smashed into the statue, destroying it and severely wounding Hermes in the process, after which the statue crashed into the building beside it.

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