"We'll have to keep them alive. Strip off their meat... a little at a time."

The Cannibals, also known as Reavors, are a group of humans that appear as minor enemies in God of War (2018).

God of War (2018)

After Kratos and Atreus make it to the Jötnar Marketplace, they are ambushed by a bunch of humans who plan to eat them. Fearful that they might return as Hel-Walkers, they decide to keep them alive and only cut off parts of their bodies to devour.

The resulting battle ends with Kratos having killed most of them and Atreus kills his first person.

Seconds after their deaths the Cannibals rose from the dead as Hel-Walkers and Kratos and Atreus immediately had to kill them again.


  • They are the only human enemies that can be encountered in the game.
  • Its possible that the Draugr waiting outside the marketplace are all previous victims of the Cannibals who are after them for revenge. Hence, why they were scared that Kratos and Atreus might return as undead if they killed them.
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