"Punish me for my shortcomings, and grant my son redemption." -Callisto,Kratos' Mother


Having birthed Kratos in a small village, they were forced to leave the village with Kratos still at an early age. Seeking a new life, they went to Sparta where Kratos then lived out the rest of his childhood and grew up.

So far, this village has only been mentioned in A Secret Revealed, one of the unlockable videos in God of War.

Shown in the non-canon scene A Secret Revealed, unlockable after completing God of War, Kratos went to visit her on the intention of finally finding out who his father really was. When she was about to tell him the truth, she changed into a monster that Kratos had to kill, thus, murdering his mother. Just before she died, she revealed the name of his father, Zeus.

In God of War Series

In God of War II

As of God of War II, Kratos' Mother is never seen or heard of again until the final installment in the series. In the beginning of the game, Zeus knew Kratos was his son, and likely the son who would continue the cycle Cronos started. It is unknown if Kratos knows that Zeus is his father, as A Secret Revealed may or may not be considered canon. However, Kratos could simply be in denial that Zeus is his father. After accidentally killing Athena, she also tells him that Zeus is his father, which leads him to believe it. With this in mind, he intends to fulfill the prophecy and continue his quest to destroy Zeus once and for all. Upon his ascent of Olympus on Gaia's back, he even exclaims, "Your son has returned!"

In God of War III

Kratos, who previously fell into the Underworld after Gaia's betrayal, was making his way back out, when he found a note scrawled by one of the tortured souls.

It reads - "He was my responsibility. It was my burden to raise him, teach him right from wrong. All who get too near him suffer or die. His wife, his child, his brother, and now me. I failed him; as a mother, as a human being. His sins are mine to bear. Punish me for my shortcomings, and grant my son redemption."

In God of War: Ghost of Sparta

"How I have missed you, Kratos" - Callisto

Callisto finally appears in God of War: Ghost of Sparta . While Kratos traverses Atlantis he comes across The Temple of Poseidon ; erected by the Atlantians in honor of their god; there he crosses a gate and falls into a hallucination and when he awakens he finds his mother in her deathbed. She informs that his father took her there and that he must find Deimos, who is still alive. Just as she is about to tell Kratos the name of his father, she is transformed into a hideous beast (much like in A Secret Revealed ).

After a long battle Callisto falls, and in her last breath she thanks her son for setting her free and encourages him to look for Deimos .


  • The note proves the unlockable scene is canon - it was undoubtedly written by Kratos' mother after her death at her son's hands.
  • Whether the entire A Secret Revealed scene is canon or not is debatable because in the note she writes "[I] a human being", which makes it clear that she never transformed into a monster. However, she could have been transformed only in body, not in soul or in mind. Also, since Kratos killed her shortly after her transformation, she had not accepted the fact that she was a monster.
  • From the words in the note it is clear she entirely blames herself for Kratos' choice to take a path of destruction, rather than Kratos himself.
  • Even after dying by her son's hands, she still loves and cares about him, and wishes for all the blame to be placed upon her, and Kratos to be given redemption.
  • The hidden Secret Revealed scene could just as well be non-canonical, as it was Athena who told him Zeus was his father. However, Athena telling him could have just been confirmation.


  • Kratos and his mother
  • Callisto
  • Kratos holds his dead mother in his arms
  • Callisto transformed
  • Death of Callisto
  • Kratos against Callisto



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