Buzzsaws are a type of trap found at a couple spots throughout the God of War series, which Kratos needs to avoid.

God of War: Chains of Olympus

In God of War: Chains of Olympus, as Kratos makes his way to the Docks of Charon, he must make his way through a small, round, arena-like chamber. Inside, there's a pair of saws that run perpendicular to each other. Kratos visits this arena twice and fights against harplings and Hyperion Guards. The second time, he can deactivate the sawblades by using the Gauntlet of Zeus.

God of War

Buzzsaws (God of War)

Buzzsaws in the Challenge of Atlas

In God of War, buzzsaws are found in numerous spots throughout Pandora's Temple. Along the Path to Atlas in the Challenge of Atlas there is a large, open room that has many buzzsaws that run along tracks in a criss-cross fashion. High above the Cliffs of Madness, the entrance to the Architect's Tomb is guarded by several large buzzsaws that run along large cordes/wires between moving platforms. Above the Chamber of Hades, the Blades of Hades have large Buzzsaws at the ends of them.

God of War II

Traps 1

Buzzsaws in the Temple of Euryale

In God of War II, in the Temple of Euryale, Kratos needs to avoid multiple buzzsaw-like blades as he climbs along one of the temple's ceilings.

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