Colosse de Bronze GOW III

The Bronze Talos is an enemy in God of War III. It is similar to the Stone Talos, only larger and stronger.

They are made from the same metal as the Colossus of Rhodes and wield a massive club. In the game, Kratos must fight them head-on. If the Bronze Talos receives any damage, it begins to heat up. The more damage it receives, the more it heats up, changing its metallic body from yellow to orange, red, and white-hot; further damage causes parts of its body to explode, revealing blue energy coursing beneath its shell. When it loses six pieces of its body, a quick time event can be initiated; if successful, Kratos smashes the Bronze Talos to pieces with its own club.

Kratos encounters these statues twice in the game; during the Poseidon's chamber when escorting the Poseidon Princess to her death and during the first Trial of the Labyrinth, where Kratos could ride on the Cerberus Mongrel to help him defeat the Bronze Talos.


  • In Greek mythology, Talos was a massive giant of bronze, whose only weakness was a pin in his ankle that held his veins shut. The sorceress Medea, with the aid of Jason, would eventually remove this pin, causing Talos to bleed to death.
  • The working title of this enemy was the Brute and originally he wield a crystal pillar, possibly made of Onyx. This was mentioned in the early previews of game by GamePro and is also been seen in the concept art.
    • According to the same early previews of God of War III, the Bronze Taloses are made of the same material as the Colossus of Rhodes.
    • The blue energy beneath their bronze skin is similar to the godly energy powering the Colossus.
  • The Bronze Talos is the only Talos in the series that wields no hammer; instead, it wields a club.
  • When charging for an attack, Bronze Taloses can be heard yelling "Die!" The same thing can be heard from their stone counterparts.

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