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This article contains lore based on real-life sources from Norse mythology as introduced from the God of War Norse era.

The nature of a thing's more important than the form of a thing.


Brok, also known as Brokkr, is a character in God of War (2018). He is a Dwarf, along with his brother Sindri. He and his brother used to work together until a rift between differing views caused the family business to split in two. The pair were responsible for forging Thor's hammer, Mjölnir, and Kratos' axe, Leviathan, which formerly belonged to Laufey.

Sindri and Brok aided Kratos and Atreus during their adventures and serve as comic relief. In their forge, they can improve weapons and equipment, so long as they are given the necessary materials.

Norse Mythology[]

In Norse mythology, Brokkr (Old Norse "the one who works with metal fragments; blacksmith", anglicized Brokk) is a dwarf and the brother of Eitri.

According to Skáldskaparmál, Loki had Sif's hair, Freyr's ship Skíðblaðnir and Odin's spear Gungnir fashioned by the Sons of Ivaldi. Loki boasted greatly of all the things that the Sons of Ivaldi could create. In addition, he also boasted that the other dwarves could not create anything beautiful or useful. Brokkr, who was in Asgard at the time, declared that his brother Eitri could make things far more beautiful and useful than the Sons of Ivaldi. Brokkr bet his head with that of Loki that his brother Eitri could make things with better craftsmanship than Skíðblaðnir or Gungnir.

While Eitri used magic in a forge that was extremely hot, Brokkr worked the bellows so that the fire would not cool down nor get too hot for the magic. While making the boar Gullinbursti, a gadfly, often thought to be Loki himself, came and bit Brokkr on the hand. Brokkr was not disturbed though and kept blowing into the fire. While making the golden arm ring Draupnir the gadfly came again and bit Brokkr, this time in the neck but Brokkr kept on blowing. Finally, while making the hammer Mjölnir the gadfly bit Brokkr on the eye this time. This temporarily caused Brokkr to stop blowing. That brief stoppage of blowing into the fire caused Mjölnir's handle to become shorter than it should have been. Because of this, Thor had to wear the iron gauntlets Járngreipr to handle it.

Eitri succeeded in making the golden ring Draupnir, the golden-bristled boar Gullinbursti and the hammer Mjölnir. These objects were judged by the gods to be superior and Brokkr won the bet. However, Loki did not allow him to take his head as doing so would have damaged his neck which was not included in the bet. In lieu of this, Brok sewed Loki's lips so that Loki would not brag until the thread came out.

In God of War[]

Before God of War (2018)[]

Brok used to be a relatively unknown blacksmith along with his brother Sindri. Wanting to make a name for themselves, they crafted Mjölnir and gave it to Odin, who promptly gifted it to his son Thor. Thor himself was pleased with the hammer, soon using it to cause a genocide on the giants along with a number of other atrocities throughout the Realms. Feeling guilty for the harm their weapon caused, Sindri convinced Brok that, because they created the hammer that caused such devastation to the Nine Realms, it was their responsibility to make it right again. So together they forged the Leviathan Axe, a weapon that rivaled even Mjölnir, but in the process, Brok himself was killed by a spider that wanted revenge against Brok for killing its kin. Not wanting to lose his brother, Sindri traveled to Alfheim to reclaim Brok's soul before it could reach the Light of Alfheim from the Lake of Souls. He was able to retrieve it, albeit fragmented and missing its direction. Sindri was able to revive Brok as planned due to this, but became so traumatized by the event that he decided to never tell Brok, as he didn't want to burden his brother with the guilt. Despite waking with blue skin and no memory of the event, Brok didn't seem to mind the change and together with his brother managed to finish the Leviathan Axe. When the other dwarves learned of Sindri's partial resurrection of Brok, they shunned them, as it was something unnatural.

They were soon after sought out by Laufey the Just, the last guardian of Jötunheim, and knowing her to be a good person, the two gave her the axe in hopes that she could restore balance to the Nine Realms. However, the guilt of what Thor did continued to strain the Huldra Brothers' relationship before getting so bad that they could no longer work together. They split the brand right down the middle and went their separate ways with Brok still creating weapons in other parts of the land. Eventually he met a dwarf named Andvari who became indebted to Brok, and also met Mimir at a point before his imprisonment. Both Brok and Mimir had done something bad during this time, causing the two to blame one another and the relationship to sour. Brok also created several shops across Midgard and one in Muspelheim, using the extreme heat of the realm to make more of his creations. He also had some dealings in Alfheim but was no longer allowed to return because he engaged in an act called the “Juicy Nokken” with some of the Light Elves, an event so foul they banned him.

Events of God of War (2018)[]

Brok is first encountered when Kratos and Atreus pass the Jötnar marketplace trying to move his beast of burden across a bridge. Atreus told him the reason for that is because his creature is afraid of something in the woods and told his father Kratos to aim his axe at the trees. After the creatures left Atreus was able to convince Brok's beast of burden to continue up the bridge, and Brok soon had a chat with both of them. He immediately recognized the Leviathan Axe and told Kratos it was he and his brother Sindri who made it, suggesting that Kratos should not allow anyone else but those two to work on it as it was special. Disbelieving of this at first, Kratos denied Brok's involvement with the weapon until the dwarf revealed he had half the brand that was placed on the Leviathan Axe. Following this he upgraded the Leviathan Axe and opened his shop for Kratos and Atreus before the creatures from the trees returned, which turned out to be Draugr. Brok hid in his shop during the battle, allowing Atreus to hide as well as long as he didn't break anything. Kratos was impressed with the improvements to the axe while Brok himself was impressed by the fact that Kratos could kill so well, going as far as to ask Atreus if he would fight as well as his father one day.

Before the two left, Brok warned them to be careful and correctly suspected that the Hel-Walkers had something to with Odin messing with powerful forces. He would meet the two again when they de-flooded the temple of Týr, something which confused them both, though Brok refused to tell Atreus how he got there first. He showed them something he was working on instead, telling Kratos and Atreus to find a different spot since he found the Temple first, believing with his new spot people would come out again and take interest in his work. He gave them the Key of Yggdrasil and motioned Kratos to a pile of rocks which was a gateway to the Realm Between Realms. He told them they could use the Realm Gate to get return to his shop and warned the pair to never stray from the path, as it would lead to a swift death. Once they acquired the light of Alfheim and returned to Midgard they met Brok again at the temple, where Atreus had a short conversation with him. Brok pointed out that they had traveled to another realm, and could immediately tell that his brother Sindri had made changes to the Leviathan Axe. This was quickly met with critique from Brok, but after seeing it for himself he believed Sindri got lucky and made more improvements, claiming that the Leviathan Axe was better.

At this time, he told Kratos about Andvari and asked the two to look for him in exchange for a reward. Both Kratos and Atreus did what Brok wanted but only found Andvari's ring, leaving it with Brok for closer inspection. Brok would meet Kratos and Atreus again inside the Midgard Mountain. Kratos was angered over the fact he knew a way around the black fog but didn't tell him, but Brok defended himself saying that his kind had ways of going to most places and he couldn't take Kratos with him if he wanted to. He also boasted that the dwarves ran the mines inside the mountain once the giants left, even improving the traps set by the giants, and warned the pair to watch out for them. He would see them again after they used one of the Mystic Gateways to get back to Týr's temple where Atreus tried to talk to Brok, but he then rudely told Atreus he was on break. Kratos wanted to leave but Brok stopped him since they had already ruined his solitude and ask them to join him. Kratos stated they were not hungry, but it wasn't food he was offering, and Atreus soon mentioned that they saw Sindri again, which Brok could see through further improvements to the axe. While taking a close look at the changes he openly wondered if Sindri was eating well enough before returning the weapon to Kratos.

He alleged that because Sindri constantly works so much he forgets to eat, and even if he remembered it, Brok joked that he wouldn't be able to cook his own meat. Brok soon boasted that he got all the stomach in the family as well as the brains, but Atreus could tell that Brok missed Sindri. However, Brok denied this and asked them to leave as he was going to take another break. After reanimating Mimir's head and lowering the water level by moving Jörmungandr, Brok asked them for another favor. After taking a close look at the ring, he believed that before Andvari was killed by the Soul Eater, he placed his own soul in his ring in order to protect himself. He told them to meet him in the Landsuther Mines and that he would explain everything there. After giving Atreus the ring he confirmed that his assumption was correct, and Andvari began telling them what happened and how he trapped his own soul in the ring, but Brok wasn't interested. Instead, he asked for Andvari's missing items, particularly a hammer that could be useful to him, and told Kratos and Atreus to take Andvari into the mines and if they got the hammer he would reward them for it. After retrieving the hammer Brok revealed he wanted to melt down Andvari and use his soul to make something for Kratos and Atreus. Atreus however refused and instead convinced Kratos to keep Andvari believing he would be useful this way, and Kratos agreed. Brok then commented over the fact that Atreus was soft but believed that the kid would grow out of it.

Upon hearing of the death of Magni, one of the sons of Thor, Brok immediately knew that Kratos and Atreus were involved. He warned them it would be bad news once Thor found out but also expressed glee that an Aesir was gone, even going as far as to jokingly remark that their next upgrade would be free. When Atreus fell ill and Kratos had to save him, he traveled back to his home to get the Blades of Chaos as he was going to Helheim, and they would be necessary in order to save his son. After getting the blades he returned to Týr's temple using the mystic portal near his home and Brok sensed he had the Blades of Chaos. Brok was intrigued and impressed by the weapon and wondered where Atreus was, with Kratos telling him he was sick. Brok thought it was the Aesir, but Kratos told him that it was his fault and his responsibility to make it right. Brok then commented over the fact that people need to take responsibility for their actions sometimes and offered to help Kratos, asking if he could tag along. Kratos refused stating that the work he does in his workshops is enough, and while Brok agreed, he still decided to keep an eye on Kratos.

After Kratos killed the bridge keeper troll Brok appeared to help Kratos, briefly taking the Blades of Chaos and improving them so they could take the Winds of Helheim. This allowed Kratos to use the winds to operate some of the machines in Helheim, which made it that much easier for him to return to Midgard. After returning to Midgard, Brok also used the winds of Helheim to improve the mystic portals and making them go to and from other gates. He warned Kratos that there would be some kinks to work out, but that it would get him to Freya. After these events, Brok would see the group again in the mountain of Midgard and noticed the tension between Kratos and Atreus. When Baldur took Atreus from Kratos and planned to take him to Asgard Kratos went after him. Brok wondered who activated the temple but Kratos, more worried about saving his son, ignored him and rushed by. Brok met them again after they escaped Helheim. They asked Brok if he could make a key for a door inside the temple, but he refused as it wasn't a weapon or an instrument of war. Even if he wanted to make it, he didn't have the resources or tools to make the key. That was until Sindri appeared, believing they could make it. Brok pointed out that they would need Skap Slag and wondered where they could find some soon enough, to which Sindri revealed to Brok he found some. Putting Brok in a good mood, he decided to help build the key after all, even going as far as to engrave their old brand on the item and inadvertently repair their brotherhood as well. Brok and Sindri soon tasked Kratos and Atreus with searching for the ingredients to create the legendary Dvegræðikr armor and told them Mótsognir already found two of them and to look at his castle in Konùnsgard to find them. After giving the ingredients to Brok and Sindri Atreus wondered how they could make armor out of them, but Brok refused to say as it was a trade secret, and they have their ways.

Even after returning the Jötunheim tower back to the temple of Týr both Kratos and Atreus still couldn't go there because it didn't have a travel crystal, a fail-safe Týr created to make sure the Aesir couldn't reach Jötunheim, using his own Bifröst eyes to refract the energy. When Atreus suggested they use Mimir instead they realized they couldn't due to him only having one eye, and that they needed both in order to reach Jötunheim, Mimir soon told Kratos that he would occasionally see Brok and Sindri on the mountain during Odin's visits and they may know where it is. Both dwarves told the pair that Odin appeared after removing Mimir's eye and asked that they build him a statue with a container to hide it, but they refused. Brok did say that Odin had it built either way and told them it was the statue of Thor in the Lake of Nine, the same one that Jörmungandr ate. After finally reaching Jötunheim both Brok and Sindri appeared, wanting to congratulate the two for finishing the journey. Not wanting to ruin the moment between Kratos and Atreus, Mimir asked to be left behind, but they were worried if they did Odin would come and take him, so they were forced to leave him with the dwarves much to his dismay. Brok said he had special plans for Mimir and Mimir told the two to hurry back. Eventually after they returned from Jötunheim they found Mimir on the floor in the front of the door to Jötunheim where he stated he was at his limit with dwarven charm. He stated they took a lot of precautions and began talking about the weather.

When Kratos and Atreus returned to Midgard, they could hear Sindri arguing about the weather with Brok believing it was Fimbulwinter because of all the snow, but Sindri worriedly suggested otherwise and warned the pair that, if they weren't going home, they should keep moving and avoid dying. The brothers also told Atreus about his mother being Laufey the Just, the last guardian of Jötunheim, and they gave her the Leviathan Axe to restore balance to the world after Thor's rampage, but instead she chose a different path and that was her family. Brok would see the pair again in Muspelheim and told them there were several mystical portals they could use to traverse Muspelheim much easier. Kratos would also sell Sigrún's helmet to the dwarves for a lot of hacksilver and both took it for their collection.

Events of God of War Ragnarök[]

Brok reappeared with Sindri in the aftermath of Kratos' fight against Thor. Later, he barges into Sindri's house while the latter was mopping the floor, which greatly annoys Sindri, as his brother had trailed in more mud that he was already trying to clean. Upon noticing Atreus and his new height, Brok couldn't recognize him until Kratos noted that it was his son standing before them. Then recognizing Atreus, Brok was surprised upon seeing that the young Jötunn had grown taller and proceeded to rudely blame Kratos for it. In his new workshop inside his brother's house, Kratos had Brok fix his shield rather than make him forge a new one. When Sindri tells the duo to find Durlin, who used to be a rebel leader, Brok spat at the fact that the latter used to lead in a rebellion with Laufey. When Kratos asked if Durlin would help them, Brok proceeded to warn him that the dwarf is unfriendly and cranky, comically failing to see the irony in his own accusations. When Atreus claims that he always wanted to go to the realm of the dwarves and that the realm's name of 'Svartalfheim' sounds unique, Brok scoffed at this and proceeded to call it a "stupid Aesir name".

At the mystic gateway, Brok takes Mimir's head and placed it on a machine that he and Sindri invented. Brok laughs in enjoyment as the machine shined a light of Bifröst energy into Mimir's face, which uncomfortably burns the former ambassador's eyes. Brok and his brother proceeded to use the charged energy of the Bifröst to modify the mystic gateway, now allowing Kratos and Atreus to access other realms without the need of Týr's temple. Later, when the duo returned with Týr, Brok was astonished to see that the Norse God of War was alive. He then helped Týr with removing the metal restraint around his throat, and even offered him chestplate armor.

A while later, as Atreus was journeying through Midgard to return to the Realm between Realms with Sindri, the latter reveals on how he saved Brok's soul; when Brok died in an accident in the forge, though him being bitten by a spider wasn't mentioned, Sindri went to the Lake of Souls in Alfheim to get his soul back. At the same time, the souls that were in the lake tried to stop him but were unsuccessful. Eventually, Sindri was able to retrieve his brother's soul. Unfortunately, however, he was only able to get three parts of his soul. When Brok woke up, he thought he was knocked out. For years, he never knew that he had died as Sindri kept on lying to him in an attempt to hide the truth, a fact that continued to haunt him deeply. When Atreus insisted that Brok has the right to know, Sindri states that he will tell the truth to his brother when the right time comes. When Atreus returns to the house, Brok had prepared dinner for all of them and then joins with them at the table. Týr states that he remembers food tasting better, causing Brok to spit in Sindri's face and challenge the Aesir God to try cooking. When Týr accepted, this left Brok stunned.

When Kratos and Atreus planned to go to Alfheim to seek more answers on preventing Ragnarök, Brok gave them a Yggdrasil seed, which is needed to access any realm. When Sindri left to build a bigger dinner table, Brok decided to eat his brother's food. As Kratos and Atreus got up from the table, Týr proceeded to thank Brok for the clothes that he gave him.

Brok would later accompany Kratos, alongside Freya, on a journey into Vanaheim with the goal of reuniting her with her brother Freyr, as well as freeing Freya from her imprisonment within Midgard. Upon reaching Freyr's encampment, Brok would stay behind to catch up with Lúnda, a familiar of his. After Freya is freed, and she and Freyr have reconciled, and Brok returns to Sindri's home along with Kratos.

When it became clear that Ragnarök was closing in, the decision was made to kill, or at least incapacitate Heimdall in order to ensure Atreus' safety. In order to circumvent the former's ability of foresight, Brok suggested that they utilize Draupnir, a mystical ring forged by him and Sindri that replicates itself infinitely. Brok journeys (against Sindri's wishes) with Kratos to visit "The Lady", a legendary blacksmith, who is capable of forging a weapon out of Draupnir. On their journey, Brok imparts a piece of wisdom upon Kratos and Mimir, telling them it isn't the form of something that matters, but rather the nature of it that does. Also, whilst out and about, Brok manages to conjure a riddle that successfully perplexes Mimir; "What gets bigger the more you take away from it." Try as he might, Mimir is unable to come up with a proper answer to the riddle.

The group eventually reach the Lady; a mermaid, who successfully forges Draupnir into a spear for Kratos. However, she seems to ignore Brok during the duration of their time with her, causing her to leave without blessing the weapon, an unnecessary, but deeply sentimental action for a blacksmith. It's here Mimir indirectly hints towards the true nature of Brok's fragmented soul, causing the dwarf to grow angry at Sindri for having lied to him. However, Kratos requests that Brok bless the weapon himself in the Lady's stead. Though reluctant due to his soul not being whole, Kratos reminds him that the nature of something is most important, and Brok blesses Draupnir himself, leaving with higher spirits.

After returning to Sindri's home, Brok feigns ignorance about his soul, much to Sindri's relief. Though he does seem to try and softly goad Sindri into admitting to it.


Upon Heimdall's death and the retrieval of Gjallarhorn, the group prepares for Ragnarök. Atreus returns to Asgard with the intent of completing and stealing Odin's mask, in the hopes of potentially using it against the Asgardians in the coming war. Once the mask was retrieved, the group gathered to discuss their next plan of action. Týr, notably, had a change of heart, and pledged to aid the group in the coming war. He reveals he knew of a secret way into Asgard, and enthusiastically tells Loki (Atreus) that his destiny is upon them.

Overseeing this, Brok immediately became suspicious, systematically picking apart every flaw in the latter's story (most notably, him supposedly knowing a way into Asgard, and his referring to Atreus as Loki). "Týr" then responds by stabbing Brok in the chest, before revealing himself to be Odin. The All-Father takes Atreus hostage and demands the mask, which is in Freyr's hand. While Odin barters with Kratos and Freya, Sindri clutches a wounded Brok and begs Freya to save him. Unfortunately, despite her efforts, Brok had lost the will to live. In his dying moments, he reveals to Sindri that he knows about what happened to himself centuries ago, and that he forgives him. With his dying breath, he tells Sindri to let go of his attempt to get him back and move on. Sindri, devastated by his brother's death and incapable of moving on despite his brother's plea, immediately steps between the realms in front of everyone for the first time, taking Brok's body with him.

Brok's death had a profound effect on everyone, including Kratos. For the Spartan, this caused a brief period of aimlessness and heartbreak within him and Atreus. As for the latter, he was deeply traumatized by the death of Brok, and believed himself to be responsible for it. When he suggested that they try and bring Brok back like what Sindri did in the past, Mimir sadly reveals that because Brok's soul lacked his fylgia - his direction, it is unable to reach the Lake of Souls in Alfheim and as such, he cannot enter an afterlife. Hearing this revelation, Atreus realized that Brok is gone for good. He and Kratos then find Sindri in Týr's temple with Brok's body. Though Atreus tried to apologize for what happened, Sindri, who became bitter and resentful towards the boy, rejects it and tells him to "get the fuck out of [his] sight".

The loss of Brok is also what drove Kratos and Freya into setting Ragnarök into motion. Brok's death was avenged when Sindri destroyed the spiritual stone that held the soul of Odin, causing the mad God to be wiped from existence. Brok's body was seen one final time when everyone gathered for his funeral in Svartalfheim. Kratos helps Sindri push Brok's death barge into the water, and Freya proceeds to cremate Brok's body, giving him a proper Norse burial. Though Sindri was willing to allow others to participate, his grief was still too strong for him to go and interact with anyone, as he leaves quietly once the ceremony is finished. Shortly after Sindri disappeared to parts unknown, Mimir finally knew the answer to Brok's riddle: A hole.

Ratatoskr, having befriended Brok and Sindri when they set up their home in the World Tree, was similarly devastated to find out about his death, especially with how he was unable to figure out Odin's deception despite him being in his home the entire time.

In God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla which takes place sometime after post-Ragnarök, when Kratos documents his encounter with Miklimunnr, Kratos starts asking why is the absents of this troll in particular in Kratos' mind and he starts revealing that Brok's passing is also an incident he still remembers. Despite Ragnarök being an event a long time ago, Kratos still misses Brok.


Straight away, Brok's most notable attribute is his deep blue complexion, a trait of which developed after his first death and not by natural means. It can be assumed he previously had the same tan skin tone Sindri has, although this is unknown. Brok has amber eyes and dark brown hair, to which is receded atop his head, and most prominent in the form of a medium-sized chinstrap beard and slight side whiskers around the side of his head as sideburns. Unafraid of mess, small traces of soot and dirt can be seen on Brok's face and body, along with some of the attire he wears throughout the two games.

God of War (2018)[]

Brok can be seen wearing a golden double-plated cuirass that covers his torso in delicate Urnes-styled metalwork. This is assumed to end at his waist, followed by two spaulders that cover his upper shoulders, with the one on his left depicting ornamental images across its surface. Unlike Sindri's armor, Brok's has a built-in gorget on the back of his neck. This protection does not continue on the front however, instead displaying an ornate, rounded collar in its place. One brown belt-buckle is visible on his cuirass, the rest likely covered by his work apron. The left side of Brok's leather shoulder-guards is longer than the one on his right.

It is unknown whether Brok is wearing a shirt underneath his cuirass. Brok wears dark brown trousers of which are tied at the knees with a dark brown rope, followed by his boots which reach his lower calves and are protected by two steel plates fixed to his legs by some form of rope binding. This protection applies only to the front of his legs, and not the back. He wears a full-body smithing apron over his outfit fixed at the waist by an ornate leather tool-belt loaded with hammers, files and other metallurgy instruments. The front of this charcoal-colored apron has pockets for nails, chisels and other small tools the dwarven smith may need in his line of work. Unlike Sindri, Brok's outfit shows signs of wear, and he does not wear gloves, even during work. On his right arm Brok wears a rather embellished bracelet, which takes up almost half of his forearm. It is unclear if this is a whole bracelet or two.

God of War Ragnarök[]

Brok's armor had few major changes when compared to its previous counterpart, except for the now equally-sized leather shoulder guards. Brok's apron loses some of its layers and its tools when compared to its old iteration, which is now better suited for quicker movements and any combat he engages in later on during the journey. One of his hammers rests on the left side of his tool belt, the right side carrying around his brown bag. Brok's boots also underwent a change, no longer having the metal plates wrapped around them for protection. His trousers are more puffed than before, and the rope that was tied around his knees are replaced with bandage-like wraps. Brok also now wears one brown leather glove on his right hand, and a light blue top is visible underneath his shoulder-guards. The sleeves of this top are rolled up above his forearms. Additionally, Brok's bracelet is smaller than the one in 2018, although based on design it is likely still a piece of the same set.


By Lady Sif's soft, perfect sloshers! You done did it!

–Brok after seeing the gate to Jötunheim.

Although Brok is harmless, he is often rude, slovenly and ill-mannered. He frequently swears at Kratos and Atreus, even giving his beast (Huldra Creature) of burden the name "fucking gratitude". He also rivals his brother in forging skills. His personality is the opposite of his brother Sindri, who is polite and somewhat cowardly.

Despite his crude attitude, he is generally good-natured, and comes to care for Kratos and Atreus. He shows genuine concern when he learns of Atreus' sickness and assists him by imbuing Kratos' Blades of Chaos with the winds of Helheim. However, he is somewhat irritated when Atreus tries to get him and his brother back on good terms. Brok also finds Atreus' sentimental and "softy" attitude annoying at times. Despite this, he was grateful to the boy for getting him and his brother to work together again. Brok also tries to give advice to those that he feels needs it, as, during his time accompanying Kratos and a vengeful Freya, he told Freya about his previous falling out with his brother and how they eventually rekindled, in an attempt to make Freya welcome her brother warmly rather than push him away, knowing she’d be happier for it.

Brok does seem to have a particular interest in the works of foreign realms, as he immediately sensed Kratos' Blades of Chaos, saying he reeked of "foreign magick". He knew immediately that the blades were not from the Nine Realms and were something special, despite Kratos' reservations on using the blades, to begin with.

Like his brother, although not at the same extent, Brok expresses regret for forging Mjölnir for Thor, as the god used the weapon to slaughter the giants and commit other atrocities.

Son, my brother and me created Mjölnir for the big idiot...I know from quality. And them...them's special.

–Brok to Kratos when seeing the Blades of Chaos.

Like Sindri, Brok hates the Aesir gods. Brok called Thor a "big idiot", along with calling Magni a loudmouth. He also knew that Magni's death would be bad news for Kratos and Atreus if Thor finds out, but still displayed some measure of relief of one less Aesir. He called Baldur a "scruffy fella, bout yea high, doesn't feel pain".

Brok has shown on several occasions a reverence for smithing as an art form, at times causing his gruff exterior to wane, and revealing a true craftsman with his own brand of wisdom to share with the world. He was devastated when the Lady didn't bless the Draupnir Spear but became genuinely emotional when Kratos suggests that Brok bless the spear himself.

Despite initially appearing something of a loner, Brok is unrelentingly loyal to those he considers family and friends alike. Enough that, upon the slightest hint that something was off, he immediately outs Týr as a disguised Odin after the latter referred to Atreus by the name "Loki". Though this loyalty ultimately cost Brok his own life, it indirectly saved everyone by setting in motion Kratos' decision to lead the Nine Realms into war with Asgard.

Powers & Abilities[]

Brok and Sindri's brand

Brok and Sindri's brand before being split in half

Brok and Sindri's brand reunited

Brok and Sindri's brand after being reunited


  • Dwarven Magic: As a Dwarf, Brok can use magic very effectively, usually using it when dealing with weapon crafting or manipulating different elements or materials for specific uses. He often uses his magic to enter The Realm between Realms in order to enter any place in the nine worlds and make himself invisible. This explains why Brok, and his shop, can appear anywhere in all the realms without getting into any trouble or challenges. But it seems that this ability does not work on dragons. In addition, Brok can infuse his weapons with magic to make them more effective in combat, being able to use his hammer and sword together to produce a powerful shockwave that could stun and daze multiple enemies, and launch scorching flame projectiles from his magically expanded pouch. Brok has shown the ability to sense foreign magic, immediately detecting it from the Blades of Chaos.


  • Master Inventor: Brok is a skilled inventor, especially in weaponry, armor and other war items. Odin himself cannot deny the quality of Brok's craftsmanship, in respect to both Mjölnir and the Draupnir Spear, the latter of which Kratos urged the dwarf to lay upon his blessing upon the spear's creation, deeming that a mighty weapon such as that deserved a "great blacksmith's blessing" despite Brok's misgivings due to not possessing his soul fragments in full. With the necessary materials, Brok can make or improve items for Kratos and Atreus. He and his brother, Sindri, had created Mjölnir, one of the most powerful weapons in Norse mythology and the Leviathan Axe, a powerful magic axe with ice magic. Both weapons could go back into the owner's hand if they wanted. However, Brok personally prefers doing weapons and nothing small, delicate and precise like his brother.
  • Skilled Combatant: Brok, unlike his brother, is a rather capable combatant despite not being a warrior by nature. He mostly uses his long knife and hammer, as well as long range projectiles from his magically expanded inventory pouch. Along with his magic and since he is much stronger and braver than Sindri, he is capable of killing Draugr and numerous Hel-Walkers when defending their home on his own, despite being injured, albeit not seriously, in the process. Whilst accompanying Kratos, Brok was able to hold his own against a variety of creatures including Ogres and Wulvers, effectively enough that Kratos was perfectly willing to let him act as his companion during exploration without having to warn him or worry about his safety.


Say... you're not gonna believe me but uh... that axe you got, uh? It was me what made her—me and my brother.

–Brok on having created the Leviathan Axe with Sindri

If it ain't the bearded beefer and his sac-seed!

–Brok upon seeing Atreus and Kratos again

Did you let that seed-sop put hand to your blade?

–Brok after hearing from Atreus that he and Kratos met Sindri

Hm... well, even a blind pig farts up a truffle now and then.

–Brok after checking the Leviathan Axe for any damage

Brok: What realm you gents shaken' off? Lemme guess... Alfheim?

Atreus: How'd you guess?
Brok: I'd know that smell anywhere. Used to spend my fair share of time there but, uh, I ain't allowed anymore on account of the, uh, incident.
Atreus: What happened?
Brok: Welllll, ain't too sure your daddy's gonna like me talking about it on account of all the swearin' and stealin' and fuckin' involved.

–Brok talking with Atreus on why he got kicked out of Alfheim

Atreus: Hey! Where's your beast of burden?

Brok: What do you mean? I ate her. Crapped bits of 'er out just a whiles ago.
Atreus: What is wrong with you?
Brok: What? Her milk ran dry.
Atreus: She was your friend!
Brok: Then she'll be happy I'm so well fed.

–Brok revealing to Atreus that he ate his beast of burden

He eating well enough?

–Brok asking Kratos and Atreus if his brother is eating well enough

I'm telling you, it's Fimbulwinter. I can feel it in my scrote—this is the big one!

–Brok on his excitement on Fimbulwinter

Brok: Slow down you, y'damn spruce. I still want to hear the details on this, uh, new way to Asgard you got. Spill it!

Tyr: It's an ancient path. We can't reach it from here.
Brok: Where then?
Tyr: Let me collect my things and I'll show you.
Brok: Y'ain't got no things! And where you going with that mask?
Tyr: Brok-
Brok: That belongs to the kid, he earned it. All you done was make passable dirt-soup.
Atreus: Brok, it's okay...
Brok: No it ain't. This ain't right. All the pieces ain't welding together true. Like, what's with him callin' you "Loki" anyway? You know that ain't his name! Hey! I'm talkin' to you!

–Brok before being fatally stabbed by the imposter Týr

Sindri: Maybe if I go back to the lake...

Brok: Stop it. I know what you done. And I forgives ya. But y'gotta stop. Y'gotta let go.

–Brok's final words

Quotes about Brok[]

You see, my brother's not as careful as I am—in fact, he prefers to work with metals using... his own bare hands. No gloves! Says it's the only way he can "hear what it wants to be."

–Sindri on why Brok's skin is blue

Atreus: So why's Brok banned from Alfheim?

Sindri: Oh, that's... um. I don't know if... Well—do you know what a "Juicy Nokken" is?
Atreus: No.
Sindri: Well, thanks to Brok, the Elves sure do.

–Atreus & Sindri on why Brok got banned from Alfheim

I have met many on my travels. You are one of the few I would call "friend."

–Kratos calling Brok a friend

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  • Despite being dwarves, Brok and Sindri are still referred to as "the Huldra brothers", when the Hulder is an unrelated female species from Scandinavian folklore.
    • Atreus brings this up to Mimir at one point, and Mimir implies the reasons behind this are not suitable to tell a young child.
  • His Greek equivalent is Hephaestus, in term of craftsmanship abilities.
  • His brother Sindri claims that his skin was blued due to his blacksmithing silver metals with his bare hands, which resulted in him developing Argyria. This was later revealed to be a lie he made in order to hide the partial resurrection of his brother.
  • He and his brother were responsible for creating Thor's hammer, Mjölnir. Mimir claims that the two brothers were trying to make a name for themselves but may have overdone it. The resulting destruction caused by Thor wielding the hammer they made started creating the rift between Brok and Sindri, which eventually evolved into a feud.
  • In God of War (2018), Brok, along with Sindri, will periodically bestow a Mark of the Dwarves on the Leviathan Axe throughout the game, each one permanently boosting the weapon's Runic stat by 1.
  • Brok generally prefers to make weapons, armor or instruments of war, rather than miscellaneous objects not meant for combat.
  • He and his brother shared a brand that they used to mark their work, including the Leviathan and Mjölnir. When the two went their separate ways, they split the brand down the middle, and each took half. Once reunited, they created a new brand.
  • Along with Sindri, Brok knew of Faye's true nature as a giant, as well as Atreus' status as a half-Giant.
  • Brok is noticeably shorter than his brother.
  • Brok is not allowed back in Alfheim on the account of multiple offenses of swearing, stealing and something that Atreus is not old enough to hear.
  • To comfort Kratos about his ill son, Brok claims to have once accidentally decapitated himself and says he's "no worse for wear". A mark of the cut and reattachment can be seen faintly around Brok's neck.
  • After Kratos and Atreus depart from Alfheim, Brok's Beast, "Fucking Gratitude", is noticeably missing. When asked by Atreus as to what happened to her, Brok claims that he ate Fucking Gratitude, much to the boy's disgust.
  • When Atreus tries introducing Mimir to him, the two commented that they've met before, and it is implied they've done something off-screen that made them dislike each other but Kratos cut off the conversation before the two could elaborate further.
  • Like his brother Sindri, Brok completely vanishes when Kratos and Atreus traveled past his workshop with Freya. Why they both choose to hide from her is currently unknown.
  • If Kratos cuts in front of Brok while he walks to his workshop in Týr's Bridge, he will admonish Kratos for his actions.
  • Brok is one of the few characters that Kratos respected to the point he openly called him a friend.
  • While Freya has been repeatedly shown to be masterful in healing magics, as displayed by her saving Hildisvíni's boar form from the lethal wounds he suffered from Atreus' arrow, her treatment of Atreus' illness, said to be unheard of even by Mimir's standards, and her patching up of Freyr's wounds after he was captured by the Einherjar, she was shown to be helpless to save Brok, even though Odin stabbed him only with a normal dagger and not any supernatural weapons. This implies that beings without their full soul fragments, caused by incomplete resurrections, such as Brok, are cursed to be unable to be saved upon their next death.
    • This is supported by Mimir's statement during Kratos and Atreus' grieving in Midgard; the part of souls that Brok lacked, Fyglja -- Direction, was vital in determining his state of afterlife, which now he is denied; in Mimir's words: "...there is nothing to bring back".
  • Both God of War (2018) and Ragnarök directors Cory Barlog and Eric Williams consider him as the "family dog" that is much-beloved by everyone, hence his death would be the primary motivation for Kratos' group to change their priority from preventing Ragnarök to committing to it to take revenge on Odin.
    • One of the major points Barlog told Williams to include prior to the development of the story of Ragnarök was the inclusion of Brok's death.
    • Due to the "family dog" analogy Barlog and Williams gave him, it can be said that Ragnarök is bookended by the death of Kratos' literal dog with Fenrir in the game's opening sequence, while the final ending of the game shows the goodbye of their metaphorical family dog through Brok's funeral in Svartalfheim.
  • Brok and his brother had been indirectly, yet notably detrimental in the defeat of Odin's most prominent and otherwise feasibly unbeatable children. Brok's commissioning of the Draupnir Spear led into Heimdall's finally being hit and cornered in a fight, whilst the prick of Sindri's mistletoe arrow ended up dispelling Baldur's invincibility. The Leviathan Axe is a product of their joint work that was specifically made to counter Mjölnir which was wielded by Thor.
  • When asked about what happened to his pack animal, Brok explains that he ate her because her milk ran dry. In real life, when an animal becomes dry, it often means they are close to giving birth and would start lactating again after birthing process, Brok either didn't know about this or he didn't care. Considering that Durlin also named his pet "Dínner", it's at her and Atreus's shocked reaction a simple culture clash.
  • Brok was a foil to the sensitive, kempt and cultured Sindri, being blunt if not vulgar, messy and not afraid to get his hands dirty
  • Kratos got on significantly better with Brok then his brother Sindri, as Brok was honest and upfront with a lot of guts. If Sindri was "Atreus's dwarf" then Brok was Kratos's.
  • Kratos and Brok also shared quite a few similarities:
    • Both had different colored skin from an external factor, Kratos' unnatural skin came from his family's ashes and Brok's from his temporarily dying after being bitten by a venomous spider.
    • Both had a no-nonsense and to the point attitude, preferring function over form.
    • Both had no qualms about getting their hands dirty if it was necessary.
  • Brok appears predominantly over Sindri in the first game while Sindri takes center stage in the second. Fitting as the first game is focused more on Kratos while the second focuses more on Atreus.
  • In God of War Ragnarök, there are some glitches that Brok somehow as if he is alive again after his death;
    • At Týr's temple, just after the scene where Sindri blames Atreus for Brok's death, Kratos can interact with Brok's dead body and both will start talking to each other.
    • At his funeral, there is a glitch where, if Freya fires a magic arrow at his body, and an elemental explosion is triggered by Kratos, Brok will stand up - effectively "revived" him - and then walks towards to Kratos. He will laying down again to his "death" if the player interact with the boat that which will carry him on the funeral scene.
  • In Norse mythology Brok is the uncle to his niece Herríðr and his nephew Herröðr in Þorsteins saga Víkingssonar.
  • According to Brok, he has seen Angrboda near the old Jötnar shrines.
    • This is revealed in the cosplay guide.
  • Brok received a family heirloom that was passed down to Sindri, Brok ended up throwing it away when they fought and then had to find it again when they made up.
    • According to Sindri it belonged to their mother.
      • When Brok was seen wearing the heirloom after the three years of fimbulwinter it was noticeably broken, now smaller.
  • Brok's pommel to his hammer is specifically designed so he can crush open hazelnuts for a "a healthy forge-side snack"
    • According to Sindri he's slipped on the shells that Brok has left and almost fallen into the forge on too many occasions.
  • The rune on Brok's hammer stands for "hail"
    • When asked about it he said "Cuz my hammer rains down like it!"
      • Sindri's response was "All this time I thought it stood for ‘Huldra.’"