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Brenna Dauði is a Fire Troll and a boss in God of War (2018).


Brenna Dauði (Burning Death) was once part of a tribe of other Fire Trolls that lived in Midgard. However, after being betrayed and (presumably) wiped out by the Norse Gods, Brenna Dauði was left the only surviving member of his tribe. He then continued to wander alone in Midgard, angrily attacking anyone who would be foolish enough to cross his path.

God of War (2018)

After leaving their home in the Wildwoods, Kratos and Atreus begin their journey to reach the highest peak in all of Midgard. Upon reaching a watery valley in the River Pass region, they witness Brenna Dauði using his fire totem to charge into a group of Reavers. Both father and son muster up enough strength to confront and fight the Troll. After a difficult fight the remaining Reavers and Brenna Dauði are finally brought down.

Powers and Abilities

Brenna Dauði is a Fire Troll, thus capable of empowering his attacks with the power of fire. He can harness this energy from his fire totem, making his attacks far more deadly. He can call upon his runic totem to turn his entire arm into fire and throw the lava-like substance at his enemies. He is also strong enough to produce shock waves from his foot stomps and create an unstoppable chain of totem swings. Similar to Dauði Kaupmaðr's attacks, but embedded with fire.




  • His name literally translates into "Burning Death".
  • He is the second Fire Troll encountered in the game.