Bog of the forgotten 2

Bog of the Forgotten.

The Bog of the Forgotten is a deep, dense swampland forest located within the Island of Creation. It is called the Bog of Forgotten because the Gifts of Experience are laid almost right after the entrance of the Bog, but they are not reached because the Barbarian King abducts Kratos to the middle of the forest. But after killing Euryale, Kratos returns to the entrance of the Bog, in the Destiny's Atrium, but the player usually forgets to enter in the Bog of the Forgotten to open the Über chest of red orbs.

Upon entering it, Kratos encounters and kills the Barbarian King, and then journey's deeper into the bog, where he finds the Temple of Euryale. As he journey's through the bog, Kratos fights multitudes of enemies, and eventually defeats the Mole Cerberus, which gives him the Golden Fleece. The bog contains lots of dense foliage, poisonous waters and ruined ancient temple remains.


Euryale's KeyEdit

Euryale's Key

Euryale's Key

Euryale's Key is a special key that Kratos finds and obtains shortly after entering the Bog of the Forgotten. It's shaped like the Greek letter Phi. Kratos uses it to unlock a gate that leads deeper into the bog, to the Ruins of the Forgotten.

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