Taking out the Cyclops

Blind Fury is the first of the seven Challenges of the Titans.

Kratos must kill a Cyclops Berserker by ripping out its eye, before the 40 second time limit expires. At the same time, Kratos is assaulted by Beast Lords, which attempt to ride the Cyclopes.


  • One Cyclops must be killed via a context-sensitive attack to take out its eye.
  • Time limit of 40 seconds.

Bonus Points

  • Freeze and shatter at least two enemies using the Head of Euryale before the end of the challenge.


  • The Gorgon Rage attack of the Head of Euryale (L2 + hold O) can be really useful to achieve this challenge's bonus. If a Beast Lord gets petrified while it's riding the Cyclops, it will fall from its backs to the ground and shatter instantly. However, when using this attack, the player should be careful and avoid hitting the Cyclops while it's frozen and shattering it.
  • Using strong weapons such as the Blade of Olympus, the Barbarian Hammer or the Rage of the Titans or strong combos of the Blades of Athena against the Cyclops are the best way to complete the challenge in time, but after some heavy blows, it's recommended to use weaker attacks, or the monster can die before the player actually has the chance to grab it.
  • If the Cyclops is killed before having its eye ripped, the best thing to do is reset the challenge, because the player won't have enough time to weaken the new respawned Cyclops in time and get its eye in the quick time event.
  • It's always good to use Cronos' Rage at some point of any challenge, because it adds much to the ranks of "orbs collected" and "combos", increasing the chances of getting a good score in the challenge.
Blind Fury

The challenge

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