Blade of Judgement

Blade of Judgement

The Blade of Judgement is a weapon in God of War: Ascension. It is only availabe for those who pre-order God of War: Ascension at Walmart or brought the Collector's Edition.


Forged by the calculating hands of Nemesis, this blade tempers vengeful brutality with blind justice.


Described as a "decisive sword, useful for combos", this blade is basically a Gladiator Sword re-skin. It gives 8%+ Physical Power (+1% per rank) and has the following specials:

Inescapable Wrath (L1 + square): Set up combos by sweeping enemies off their feets with a dash attack. Physical damage.

Divine Retribution (L1 + triangle): A powerful spinning attack that can knock enemies back. Physical damage.
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