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The Battle Armor on Rank 3

Decorated with treasure sunk by Poseidon's Hippocampi, this battle armor rises from the depths to seek victory.

–In-game description

The Battle Armor of Poseidon is an armor set of Multiplayer exclusive to warriors who have aligned themselves to Poseidon. Each part of it is unlocked by killing a number of enemy players on any game mode while aligned to the god of the seas.


The helmet has a tall fin that goes down to the back part of it to resemble the classic gladiator helmets. It also has two points protruding from both sides of the warrior's face and one coming out of the forehead.

The upper armor has a large metallic piece that protects the chest and backs of the owner, along with large shell structures covering the left shoulder and the right forearm and more metal pieces covering the wrists.

The lower part has long pieces of white fabric with blue waves drawn on them to cover the thighs. A protection made of scales of a wild sea beast - most likely a Hippocampi - is also present among the white fabric, and a final metal piece covers the left shin.

Like most of the equipment offered by Poseidon to his followers, this armor gives its user great resistance to damage and is useful against multiple enemies and/or warriors of Ares. In fact, it is among the best armors in terms of physical resistance in Multiplayer. The protection offered by its godly version is even greater, as it also enhances elemental resistance.

How to unlock

Each piece is unlocked in a similar way:

  • The helm is unlocked by killing 50 opponents (Leviathan III)
  • The chestpiece is unlocked by killing 100 opponents (Leviathan IV)
  • The lower armor is unlocked by killing 25 opponents (Leviathan II)


  • Rank 1 - n/a
  • Rank 2 - 12,500 XP
  • Rank 3 - 36,000 XP


  • Rank 1: +2 Health, + 10% Physical Resist
  • Rank 2: +3 Health, + 11% Physical Resist
  • Rank 3: +4 Health, + 12% Physical Resist

Godly Armor of Poseidon

All silver.
Godly Battle Armor of Poseidon


  • Rank 1 - n/a
  • Rank 2 - 35,000 XP
  • Rank 3 - 85,000 XP


  • Rank 1: +2 Health, +11% Physical Resist, +8% Elemental Resist
  • Rank 2: +3 Health, +12% Physical Resist, +9% Elemental Resist
  • Rank 3: +4 Health, +13% Physical Resist, +10% Elemental Resist

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