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Automaton Concept

The Automaton is a mechanical construction, an artificial guardian of Atlantis and the lands around it. Automatons were also located in the volcano beneath Atlantis, serving its purpose in protecting Poseidon's Temple from intruders.

Controlled by Lanaeus, an Automaton was deployed against Kratos, after the latter had destroyed most of the volcano by retrieving Thera's Bane, and releasing the Titan Thera from her torment.

Making short work of the Automaton, Kratos defeated it by smashing its head in with its own gear, ultimately retrieving it himself. The gear, used as the Automaton's weapon, also acts as a key. Because of its armor, the Automaton can only be damaged using Thera's Bane. Later in his quest for Deimos when he returns to Atlantis, Kratos defeated two more of these mechanical beasts. There was even one that got electrocuted the water where Lanaeus was trapped.

In the fifth Challenge of the Gods, Kratos is tasked in retrieving three Gears from Automatons before his health is drained. The Gears can only be retrieved from the Automatons by killing them.


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