Aurvandil was a warrior of renown in Norse Mythology, and the husband of Gróa.

Norse Mythology

The names Aurvandil or Earendel (Old Norse: Aurvandil; Old English: Ēarendel) are cognate Germanic personal names, continuing a Proto-Germanic reconstructed compound *auzi-wandilaz "luminous wanderer", in origin probably the name of a star or planet, potentially the morning star (Eosphoros). Recall that also the word 'planet' means wanderer.

In the God of War Series

The Lost Pages of Norse Myth

Aurvandil was a Norse warrior who was married Gróa, a seiðr. At some point, Thor asked for Aurvandil's help for a quest in Vanaheim. During the quest, Aurvandil was intentionally killed by Thor. Thor returned to Gróa and made up a story where Aurvandil suffered from a frost-bite during a battle, and had to be carried away, until Thor lost him in a tundra.

Gróa, in search of her husband, started collecting ancient tomes and their runic incantations to augment her prophetic powers. In response to this, Odin hid the truth about Aurvandil's death with a spell.

Gróa was eventually killed by Odin for refusing to share her knowledge about Ragnarök with the All-Father. Odin revealed the truth about Aurvandil's death, and then proceeded to strangle Gróa, taking her life and her knowledge.

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