Atreus in the profile

Kratos' son named after Atreus of Sparta

Atreus of Sparta
was a young soldier who fought alongside Kratos during many wars.

Many years after his death, Kratos would name his son after the warrior. He was stated to be unlike his fellow Spartans. He smiled even during the worst of times. He was described by Kratos as happy.


The name was revealed to have a backstory during the ending credits of God of War (2018), where Kratos informed Atreus how he got his name. He inspired his fellow Spartans even though they were "machines of war". He eventually sacrificed himself and turned the tide of a battle in the favor of the Spartans. Kratos carried him home on his shield and buried the man with all the honors of Spartan custom. His memory was said to be a "comfort in dark times."

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