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Athens is a Greek city that appears for the first time in God of War (2005), it is the city of Athena and in the game Ares invades it with his army, Kratos travels to the city to search for the Oracle of Athens, at the end of the game Kratos fights against Ares killing him at the end of the fight and this becoming the new "God of War".

In "God of War III" presumably Athens was destroyed by the flood caused by the death of Poseidon. But due to the release of Hope possibly the city, like the rest of the cities in Greece, is being rebuilt.

Greek History[]

Athens is the capital of Greece. It was the city of the great goddess Athena. Also known for their great rivalry between Sparta, the Athenians were the creators of democracy, architecture, philosophy and the still traditional Olympic Games. It is also the site of the decision of who would rule Athens. Poseidon and Athena participated in this. Poseidon gave the Athenians sea salt, while Athena gave them the olive tree (one of her symbols), which is how Athena won the contest.


The greater city of Athens

In God of War[]

In God of War, Ares lays siege to the city (more commonly known as the Siege of Athens) mostly out of his hatred for Athena herself. With that, Kratos is requested by the Gods of Olympus to save the city from the God of War. During his quest, Kratos comes across different Athenians.

Athenian Citizens[]

These are the citizens of the Greek city of Athens. All of the citizens are unarmed, and do not affect the outcome of the game. In God of War, during the Siege of Athens, they are seen all throughout the city, running in terror from the minions of Ares. Optionally, Kratos can kill them for Green Orbs. Grabbing a citizen will make Kratos stab them in the chest repeatedly several times, until they die.

Key Holder Woman[]

I know who you are, I know what you've done...monster!

–Athenian Woman

When Kratos enters the large building in the Athens Town Square, a woman sees him, and flees in terror. Kratos then follows her up and through the building, and all the while she's shouting for him to stay away. Eventually, she ends up running to a balcony overlooking the town square. There, she tells Kratos that she knows who he is, and what he had done. Kratos then attempts to explain, but she continues backing up, and falls off the balcony to her death. Kratos can then go to her dead body, and get the Gold Key, which unlocks a door to the next part of the city.

Athenian Bridgeman[]

No... no... I won't let them get me. They won't get across. These monsters, they'll... they'll tear me apart!

–Athenian Bridgeman


During his travels through Athens, Kratos encounters a man responsible for opening and closing the bridge on the Rooftops of Athens. Kratos demands the man to release the lever and extend the bridge, but the man doesn't, in fear of being killed by the invading monsters. Kratos, labeling the man a coward, then takes out the bridge man from a distance using Zeus' Fury, thus releasing the bridge.

Oracle of Athens[]

Kratos! Praise Athena you've arrived!


The most important Athenian in God of War, the Oracle is in peril, requiring Kratos to rescue her. Afterwards, she aids Kratos by opening the gate to the Desert of Lost Souls and informing him of Pandora's Box. When Kratos returns from the Underworld, he finds the Oracle badly wounded, claiming that Ares has won and that there is no hope. She most likely dies after Kratos kills Ares.

Athenian Soldiers[]

The beasts have taken Athens!

–Athenian Soldier

These armed warriors committed to their duty to protect the city from the minions of Ares. The army of Athens even assaulted the God of War himself; this, however, led to their deaths. The Athenian soldiers suffered heavy losses and casualties during Ares' attack.

God of War III[]

Following the death of Poseidon, it is safe to assume that the city was wiped out by the mass flood that covered all of Greece.



  • A Wilhelm scream can be heard when Kratos kills the bridge man.
  • The Athenian citizens and women, can be selected as a "creature" to fight in the Arena of the Fates, in God of War II. They are extremely weak, and, when selected, they will run around the arena, just like they did in Athens. Kratos can kill them in the same way as well.
  • Athens presumably is the least powerful in the term of military strength in all of Greece, given its pacifism. Megaera even taunts Kratos that "[he] fought like an Athenian".