Kratos with the soldiers

Athenian Soldiers are mortal men loyal and native to the city of Athens. Kratos encounters them several times throughout the God of War series.

In the God of War Series

God of War: Chains of Olympus

In God of War: Chains of Olympus, they are seen battling the Persian army at Attica. Optionally, Kratos can kill them easily for additional Green Orbs. Their commander was killed in a Persian naval bombardment, leaving Kratos to sink the Persian ship. They presumably won the war after Kratos kills the Persian King and the Basilisk.

God of War

In God of War during the Siege of Athens, the soldiers are seen attempting to defend their city from the powerful minions of Ares, but they can't seem to hold or fight them off for long. The carnage of the battle caused multiple troops to go mad entirely, one such mad man refused to extend the bridge that Kratos needed to cross, causing the Ghost of Sparta to shoot a Lighting Bolt at him, killing the soldier and pulling the lever. The Athenians were once more victorious when Kratos opened Pandora's Box to slay Ares and free the city.

Large amounts of Athenian soldiers can be found in Pandora's Temple though save for a small group, they are all dead. Kratos sacrificed an innocent soldier to continue his quest, but the sacrifice, in question, varies per version. In the PAL version of the game, the sacrifice is an Undead Legionnaire which exhibited anger instead of desperation, instead of the innocent soldier.


  • Athens possesses the weakest military throughout Greece, given the city's pacifism. Megaera once taunted Kratos that he "fought like an Athenian".
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