Zeus arena 3

Zeus' astral form

My sacrifice to save Zeus has brought me to a higher existence.


After dying, certain gods can return in an astral form. The form is accessible to some, if not all, Gods.

God of War IIIEdit

In the Underworld, after Kratos fell into the River Styx, he reunited with Athena, who, after death at the Spartan's hands, had transcended into an astral form. Upon being killed by Kratos, Zeus took an astral form as well, placing Kratos in a choke-hold, severely weakening him, and forcing him into his own psyche. Kratos escaped his psyche however, successfully battling the astral form with the power of Hope. As Zeus' astral form retreated into his own body, Kratos beat Zeus to a bloody pulp, effectively having cancelled out Zeus' astral form, as well as having killed his father himself. Athena's astral form then insisted on Kratos to give the power of Hope to her, in order for her to establish herself as leader of men in a world engulfed by chaos. Kratos, in refusal, impaled himself with the Blade of Olympus, releasing the power of Hope to the world, much to the disappointment of Athena. After extracting the Blade from the Spartan's body, Athena left a mortally wounded Kratos in a puddle of blood. However, Kratos survived somehow and crawled his way off the mountain and into the chaos he's created and the hope he gave to the people.


  • Both Zeus and Athena were killed by the Blade of Olympus and it seems that the effect of this death granted them the use of Astral form.
    • This would explain why other Gods such as Persephone, Ares, Poseidon, Hades, Helios, Hermes, Hephaestus and Hera did not return in this form, as they were slain by different means.
    • Despite being killed by the Blade of Olympus the Titans (Gaia, Cronos, and Perses) never returned in this form, possibly because it could only work on the Gods.
    • Contrary to this; had the phone call from the first game - where the soul of Ares was suffering - been canonized, that would imply that any god can take on an Astral form upon being killed.