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The Assassin.

Murderer of Argos! What master do you serve that would try to turn the gods against me?

Kratos, to the Assassin.

The Assassin is a mysterious character seen only in God of War: Betrayal.

God of War: Betrayal

The Assassin appeared right after Argos, pet of Hera and an enemy of Kratos, fell into a sewer. He jumped out from the left wall, quickly killed the creature and ran away. As Kratos confronted him, the assassin did not speak, but instead ran away again, forcing Kratos to give pursuit all over Greece. During the chase, various minions of Hades appeared, including undead soldiers and Cerberus, leading Kratos to believe that it was the god of the Underworld trying to turn the other gods against Kratos. Later, Kratos made his way to the top of a tower, where he lost trace of the Assassin. Ceryx then appeared, demanding Kratos to stop his pursuit. Kratos killed Ceryx, but the Assassin escaped.

Appearance and abilities

The assassin is a shady man who wears black rags and a hood over his head. Two red glowing eyes are visible under the hood. He wears two swords which he used to slay Argos. It is interesting to note that, while killing Argos, he appears to have left marks similar to that of Kratos' blades. He is incredibly fast and agile, and apparently has some superhuman powers, as he was able to hide from the God of War.


  • The Assassin is the only enemy in the series to encounter Kratos and continue to live, unless he was indeed Hermes, or one of the other gods in disguise, as a majority of the Olympians would later be killed by Kratos in God of War III.