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Artemis is the Olympian Goddess of the Hunt. She is the daughter of Zeus and twin sister of Apollo.

Greek Mythology

Artemis was a popular and widely worshiped deity across the Hellenic world. Besides hunting, she ruled over forests and wild beasts, archery and disease. She was also a protector of young and unmarried women.

When the Titan Leto found safe haven on Delos to give birth, Artemis was born first. The young goddess immediately assisted her mother with the birth of her twin Apollo, and from then on she assumed the role of Goddess of Childbirth.

After the birth of the twins Apollo decided to go hunt down Python the earth-dragon of Delphi that was sent by Hera to kill their mother. With the dragon defeated Hera then sent the giant Tityos after their mother, Leto. Artemis and Apollo battled and defeated the giant together. After their victory Zeus stepped in and imprisoned Tityos in Tartarus.

Artemis was a virgin goddess and demanded chastity of her mortal companions, so she had no offspring or lovers. The great hunter Orion did woo her, but a jealous Apollo sent Skorpius to kill him.

When the Giants rose up to overthrow the gods, Artemis fought to defend Olympus, personally cutting down the Giant Gration.

Like the other gods and goddesses Artemis had her mortal champions. Atalanta was greatest out of all her champions. The human Atalanta was left in the woods as baby Artemis sent a female bear to raise the infant. Atalanta eventually left the forest and traveled to the human cities.

Atalanta was one of the heroes to help take down the Calydonian Boar. Artemis sent the beast to attack Calydon because king Oeneus forgot to sacrifice the first fruits of harvest to the goddess. After the boar was killed Atalanta gave the boar's hide to Artemis as an offering in replacement of the fruit.

Artemis, Apollo and her mother Leto sided with Troy during the Trojan war. Artemis fought against Hera but the queen of the gods defeated Artemis by knocking her bow, arrows and quiver on the ground. Then Hera took Artemis own weapons and boxed the hunting goddess's ears with them. After the war Leto picked her daughters weapons and gave them back to Artemis.

God of War series


Artemis takes part in the Wager of the Gods, choosing Pothia, Queen of the Kerosians, as her champion. Appropriately, she curses the tribe with stillborn children to force them to search for the Ambrosia, but Pothia's death at the hands of Kratos disqualifies Artemis from winning. She is the only God who does not retaliate against Kratos for costing her the wager.

God of War

Artemis appears to Kratos shortly after he enters Pandora's Temple, presenting her personal blade as a gift and referencing her using it to defend Olympus.

God of War: Betrayal

The goddess herself never appears, but her blade is still wielded by Kratos.



  • Artemis is the only god from God of War that didn't appear in God of War III. This made her fate unknown, though it is likely she might have left Olympus or may have been killed after Kratos destroyed it.
  • Though Artemis says she killed a Titan with her Blade, in the mythology the Giants were a separate race born from Gaia to avenge the Titans' loss in the Great War.
  • Todd Papy revealed that he planned to make Artemis a playable character in God of War: Ascension. He further stated that the character would have the body of a Sphinx (The head and torso of a human and lower body of a lioness). She was more likely to be appear in the multiplayer. However, the idea was scrapped for reasons unknown and only concept art was made.
  • She is mentioned in the latest God of War where a Runic Attack for the Blades of Chaos called "Wrath of Artemis" is named after her.

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