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Armor Sets consist of a combination of wrist, chest, and waist armor in God of War. Kratos can uncover armor from chests around the world, by defeating powerful enemies, and by purchasing it from the shops of Brok or Sindri. Armor pieces vary in rarity from Common to Epic.

Armor can be upgraded with resources by Brok or Sindri for a Hacksilver price. Upgrades are limited to the number of empty levels next to the item's level.


Armor sets can create boosts in any of these six stats:

Strength: Increases damage for all standard attacks.
Runic: Increases both Runic attack and elemental damage.
Defense: Reduces all incoming damage.
Vitality: Increases maximum health, decreases hit severerity from attacks.
Luck: Increases perk activation chance, experience point gain, and Hacksilver gain.
Cooldown: Decreases cooldown timers for all Runic attacks, Runic summons, and Talisman abilities.






Atreus Armor


  • Armor sets continue the tradition from the previous games by completing the game and unlocking various Costumes for Kratos to wear. Attritbutes are similar to Multiplayer Stats and Armor sets are also similar to Warrior's Armor by selecting the armor to wear in God of War: Ascension.