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An Argonaut, fighting some Fates Sentries.

In Greek myth, The Argonauts were a large force of armed warriors who accompany Jason on his quest to gain the Golden Fleece for the evil King Pelias. Named for the Argo (the ship in which they sailed), they were brave soldiers.

Not only did this crew include Jason and later Medea, the crew consisted of Acastus, Admetus, Aethalides, Amphion, Ancaeus, Argus, Ascalaphus, Atalanta (others claim Jason forbade her because she was a woman or that she was asked, but refused), Autolycus, Bellerophon, Butes, Calais, Canthus, Castor, Cytissorus, Echion, Erginus, Euphemus, Euryalus, Hercules, Hylas, Idas, Idmon, Iolaus, Iphitos, Laertes, Lynceus, Melas, Meleager, Mopsus, Nestor, Oileus, Orpheus, Palaemon, Palaimonius, Peleus, Philoctetes, Phrontis, Poeas, Pollux, Polyphemos (Eilatos' son who fought with the Lapiths against the Centaurs), Poriclymenus, Talaus, Telamon, Theseus, Tiphys, and Zetes.

Attacked by Sirens, Harpies, Scylla herself, and other beasts, few were left when they reached the island holding the Fleece. There, Jason was to overcome the sleepless dragon which guarded the Golden Fleece. Jason sprayed the dragon with a potion, given by Medea, distilled from herbs. The dragon fell asleep, and Jason was able to seize the Golden Fleece.

In God of War II

In God of War II, Jason and the Argonauts journey to the Island of Creation, but end up killed by the monsters inhabiting the Bog of the Forgotten. Witnessing some of the onslaught, Kratos makes his way through the bog, eventually finding one Argonaut alive outside of the den of the Mole Cerberus. Before passing out from exhaustion, the Argonaut tells Kratos of Jason's capture by the beast, and that he has the Golden Fleece. Knowing the Fleece is the only means of entering Euryale's Temple, Kratos uses the Argonaut's body to stop a mechanical gear that blocks his path into the den. Confronting the beast, Kratos ultimately becomes the victor, kills the Cerberus, and recovers the Fleece. Unfortunately however, Jason had died being mauled to death by the Mole Cerberus upon Kratos' arrival.


  • With the Golden Fleece in Jason's possession, the Argonauts must have been on their way back from Colchis after retrieving it. Their reasons for traveling to the Island of Creation is unknown. Possibly they came upon the island by means of being lost or discovered it along their way back to Iolcos. It is possible that Jason went there in order to seek the Sisters as well.
  • The whereabouts or fate of the Argo is not shown.
  • The Argonauts use the same character model as the Spartans seen during the battle of Rhodes at the beginning of GoW II.
  • Although Hercules is depicted as a member in most versions of the legend there's no mention of him belonging to the Argonauts in the setting of God of War.

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