The Arena of the Fates is unlocked by completing the Challenge of the Titans

Arena of the Fates menu

with an overall ranking of Titan, in God of War II.

With this, the player can select up to three different types of enemies to fight, as well as how many of each type, and if they will respawn when killed, or not. In the case of weaker enemies (like Undead Legionnaires), the player can select up to 3, but in stronger ones (Cyclopes), only one can be added. Additionally, the difficulty can be selected (Mortal, Spartan, God or Titan), and the type of arena to fight in.

Also, the player can then alter Kratos' powers and stats. This means deciding if the Health, Magic or Rage of the Titans, will be infinite or not. This then allows for fun all-out enemy combat.

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