My youngest son will laugh no more. Death in the service of his father. Death in the service of the Gods. The building of this temple has claimed his life. May you be lucky enough that it not claim yours.

Pathos Verdes III

My second son, my last, has followed his brother to the Elysian Fields. In my heart I know I must continue the work of the Gods. But they take so much and at last my soul begins to doubt.

–Pathos Verdes III

Son 2

Pathos Verdes III, the architect of Pandora's Temple, had two sons. Both of them perished during the construction of the temple, and were then buried within it. What Pathos Verdes then did (most likely out of his growing madness) was make it so that if one sought to find Pandora's Box, they would need to find the bodies of his sons, and take their skulls to use as keys to open passages deeper into the temple.

Kratos finds the first son in a burial casket on a cliff at the end of the Challenge of Atlas, and takes his skull.

Son 1

He then finds the body of the second son in a casket within an ornate burial chamber after slaying Pandora's Guardian, and then takes his skull as well.


  • It is perhaps hinted that Pathos liked and cherished one son more than the other. While one son is entombed outside on the cliffs in a stone casket with statues decorating, the other son is elaborately entombed behind the doors of a Minotaur guardian and in an ornate room of marble, red carpet, and even a solid marble casket.
    • However, the notes he left imply that he cherised both of his children.

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