Kratos near an Archimedean Screw.

The Archimedean Screws are used as a means of preventing the Methana Volcano from erupting onto the city of Atlantis.

God of War: AscensionEdit

A revealed Trophy shows that the Archimedean screws have a part in Ascension.

God of War: Ghost of SpartaEdit

After entering the Methana Volcano, Kratos spotted Lanaeus and his men trying to activate an Archimedean Screw which had previously been shut down. When the Screw started working again, Kratos went on his way. Having destroyed many Screws to be able to pass through the volcano, Kratos was then attacked by Scylla, in an attempt to finally kill the Spartan. Kratos, however, used one of the remaining Archimedean Screws to drill through her head, thus killing her. At the same time, his attack caused the Screw's malfunction. Due to the fact that Kratos had already destroyed many of the Screws, the volcano started to erupt. While Kratos escaped the eruption, it is assumed the remaining Screws left inside were engulfed and destroyed by the eruption.


  • In true history, Archimedean screws were a device invented by the Greek genius Archimedes. They took advantage of the fact that liquid always moves up the thread of a screw to transport water from rivers and wells into fields. They were the cutting edge of irrigation technology for thousands of years.