An Amazon wielding a spear

The Amazons are enemies in God of War: Ascension that are encountered on the island of Delos.

In God of War: Ascension

Amazons are skilled and challenging women that wield an elemental spear which can be used to throw, fight with, and project powerful blasts. Also, these warriors can summon Harpies to harm Kratos, as well as hang on to their talons if injured by him. They are first encountered in a small ruined area near the foot of Apollo, as well as various other locations on the Statue of Apollo.

If they are stunned by Kratos (golden halo), he can grab them and slam them to the ground three times with his Blades, gaining golden orbs at each slam.

Kratos can kill the warriors by impaling their own spear into their stomach, lifting them in the air, and then lashing them down to the ground, impaling the spear further into the warrior's body, killing her instantly.

Multiplayer: Amazons, are also found in the Desert of Lost Souls, Rotunda of Olympus, and Labyrinth of Daedalus maps of the Multiplayer mode Trial of the Gods. They fight players and are killed by them in the same way as in singleplayer. Also they have ability to evade.



  • They mostly resemble the Amazon warriors of the Greek myth.
  • Other than the Rhodes Soldiers, Persian Warriors, and Pollux and Castor's minions, the Amazons are the only human enemies that aren't a boss encountered in Story Mode.
  • The concept art of the Amazons bares a resemblance to actress Michelle Rodriguez.
  • The fact they don't have one of their breasts confirms that they are Amazons: some versions tell that the Amazons used to amputate one their breasts to use their bows with more accuracy. Although they don't wield bows in the game, there is concept art of them wielding different weapons, varying from clubs to bows.
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