Kratos' encounter with the Hydra, on the Aegean Sea

The Aegean Sea is a large body of water on the eastern side of Greece. It connects with the much larger Mediterranean Sea.

History and Greek MythologyEdit

According to the tale of King Minos and the Minotaur, the Aegean sea was named after the Mycenaean King Aegeas. Before his son, Theseus, would embark on his journey to Knossos to slay the Minotaur, he gave him a white sail for the ship he would use to travel from Athens to Crete and back. If Theseus was successful in killing the Minotaur, he would raise the white sail as opposed to the black sail to let his father know of his fate long before he reached the port of Athens on the return journey. Theseus was successful, but forgot to raise the white sail. Aegeus, thinking his son had died, threw himself off a cliff and into the ocean. When Theseus reached Athens he declared that the body of water surrounding Greece would be named after his father.

In God of WarEdit

In God of War, Athens and the entry to Mount Olympus are on the far coast of the Aegean Sea. This is also the place where Kratos begins his quest in service to the gods. He fights the deadly Hydra and gains the power of Poseidon's Rage. The fleet of ships sailing to the city are utterly decimated and destroyed by the might of the Hydra who also kills the shipmates and passengers and eats them.

Later in the game, Kratos returns to kill Ares in the area of the sea near Olympus, and attempts to kill himself before becoming the new God of War.


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